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BOARDS magazine from the UK in the current issue does 400--460masts, last years May issue had the most comprehensive test I have ever seen on 16 masts. Unfortunate but neither test included a Severne. Your initial question is confusing, anyone would need more information , like are you interested in SDM or skinny, 50 75 100% carbon ?What length ? Boards report on P/X Wave RDM reads:: "Fairly middle of the road for bend curve, verging on flex top amd relatively stiff. the P/X is another middle ground mast that is likely to be more or less compatible with most sails. They have a great reputation for strength and durability." My collection of masts is almost all P/X , can't go wrong.
good winds
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Where are all these masts produced ?
Powerex in China ? Severne ??
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Look at the crappy paint splattered all over many of the Severne Sails.

Would you really want to use their masts with a company that designs products like that?

They are more interested in trying to look good than improve performance (but they didn't realise it actually looks crappy as well).

I think you would be happy with the North, Gaastra or Maui Sails. The advantage of the Gaastra & Maui Sails is that you have a forum for support. Unfortunately no support with North except your local dealer who pretty much just has access to all the info that we read anyway - so it is not much help.

Too bad for you that the severne's come out of most tests much higher(performance wise)
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