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Today tried the 145 with 10.0 Code Red 3; great! A friend of mine uses the 145 with a severne code red 11.0. It all works ok. Conclusion for me is that i love a 145 much more than the old 155, and that factor is more important than the low end domain.

So a new idea came up today: I can change the 125 for a same year 115 at my local dealer, and buy me an 2007 145 for a good price at my dealer. Sell my old 155.

Like the 125, but by changing for a 115 I can close the gap between 125 isonic and s-type 104, and use the 7.2 perfectly on the isonic 115. I have sailed it, the 115 can take a 8.4 with ease. Besides, I can use the 145 with 9.8 perfectly.

I know I will loose somewhat on the real low end. My range would be isonic 145, isonic 115, s-type 104. Now it is Formula 155, isonic 125, s-type 104. Sails to use: vapor 11.0, rs racing 9.8, rs slalom 8.4, rs4 7.8-7.2-6.2-5.4.

How does this sound to you? greetz!!

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Be careful - the 2006 iSonic 115 is actually only 105 litres - see ISAF website:


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