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I like the red code paint job as to me it is attractive.
Is it a cheap way to attract attention? Yes it is. How else do you make a sail in pure film visible without spending big dollars on pure visuals. Does it hide a lack of performance? - no way. It does address the often talked about factor of sail visibility on the water - the so called death of windsurfing imagery due to clear monofilm. The red sails catch the eye of anyone looking that way very well - job done don't you think? The north white sails do the same thing up close.

The paint may come off in 2 years or so but everyone who buys race sails keeps saying they constantly update their sails anyway, so what does it matter!

The performance is generally spot on in most brands race sails. Some try to catch attention through graphics and some don't bother, but for me good looking visible sails are a benefit for the sport, not just a sales gimmick.
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