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Brian S
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Well, it seems to be even more complicated than that! The cargo net inserts were only supposed to come on the tufskin models, which were NOT supposed to have the FCS fin slots. The mast bolt inserts are apparently a hidden mast track with fixed nut positions.

It seems that I have a unique board. I have a sportech model with the mast track AND a full eva deck that looks exactly like a tufskin model. This was not what I ordered, but that's what came - even as a surprise to the dealer. It has the slot for the center board, the FCS fin slots in the back, and the cargo net inserts on the deck. I don't know if this was a transition design, or one-of-a-kind, or just a mistake. The dealer verified that it is indeed a sportech by sending the serial number to the US distributor.

I still haven't gotten my X-186 down yet to check the footstraps.
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Was there ever an answer about where to get replacement footstrap screws? I've looked all over San Diego for suitable replacements - even found a guy that carried PT, but not the "right" PTs. I've got an '06 Aero 117, so I think they're 6mm X 28mm, but with the "cut-off" tip which seems to be unique. And, yes, I used the wrong screwdriver, stripped the head & have no one but myself to blame! Thanks.
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Brian S
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No, i haven't found them yet, but I temporarily "lost the scent". Fiberglass supply has what they call "foot strap screws", so I ordered some, but they're not really footstrap screws - just normal sheet metal type screws.
Meant to get back to that, but I've just been too busy lately. If you find anything, please post it.
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Hi guys,
Please tell me how many you need.
Starboard gave me a full dealers "screw pouch" several years back, and some of the boards used to come with some extra screws way back when, so I have quite a few of the standard Cobra 6mm x 28 mm footstrap screws.
Send me a PM with your address and I will send you what you need.
If there is a Starboard dealer in your area, they may have some as well.
Hope this helps,
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