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Default Smaller Fin for Evo 70? - 21cm or 20cm?


I've got an '07 Evo 70 XTV and Evo 80 XTV combo which is working sweet for me but I have a fin query:

I find that the 22cm fin that came with my 70 feels 'over finned' when I'm stacked on a 4.5 and 4.0. I'm 75-80kg and know what I'm doing in waves (mainly) but I have always seemed to find the 70 (and my previous '05 74) a bit bouncy and hard to pin down to the water when I'm maxed or if it's choppy. I've been missing some looping ramps in some conditions as I'm not getting the board settled and tracking well enough before hucking i.e some times not getting that balance of speed, drive and control I want. So I'm thinking about getting a 21cm or even a 20cm to use on the E70 for 4.5-4.0 days to get more control and less bounce. This is mainly about getting control and getting the board settled for jumping in windy and choppy conditions. I'm not having any fin/board issues wave riding -all good in that dept!

Q: If I already have a Drake Natural Wave 23cm (from the 80) and a 22cm - do I go for a 21cm or 20cm?

Q: Should I consider a smaller 20cm but a STIFFER fin than the Drake Natural?

Let me know what you think...


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This is a tough question since I personally think the 70 is rather easy to pin down. I'm actually not even sure a smaller fin would give less bouncing (but it does give smoother wave riding).

Have you tried the 23 on the 70? If so how do you feel the board changes when you go from 23 to 22 (with say a powered up 5.0)?

Maybe you will feel a smaller fin helps. We are talking rather subtle things here and stance and style can make different people experience differernt things. I think the 21 is allready a fair bit smaller feeling. I'm rarely on the 20, but when I am its sweet. So, take the 21 for a safe step down and the 20 to _really_ feel how a small fin will change the board.

I've never tried small stiff fins on the EVO so I can't say- A good compromise might be the 08 Drake natural which is a tad stiffer. Maybe you can borrow a stiffer fin
in from somebody to test before you buy?
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