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Default Surface repair

I've got a few chips on the bow (Dime to quarter sized, not deep). Pretty much just the top layer of laminate peeling off. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on patching it up. I'm hesitant to take it back in the water for fear of water intrusion. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi mgraham,
If you are sure that the "chips" are only through the color coat, then masking them off and repainitng them is the obvious solution.
If the "chips" are deeper, and you can see that the laminations are damaged, then either a professional repair job, or a good DIY (do it yourself) fix to restore the structural integrity of the damaged areas
is what's needed.
What type construction do you have WOOD, DRAM, Technora, or
The repair techniques differ for each construction.
We can fill you in on what repair techniques to use for each construction.
Check ou the repair section on this website:
Click on: "Products"
"Product Assistance"
"Repair Guide"
Hope this helps,

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As an added resource, the BoardLady's website is hard to beat. Also, she is very responsive to E-Mails should you have additional questions.
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