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Question 2008 Website where is it???

I ASSume that you are aware, but when is the 2008 website in the archive list going to be online, as most of the western hemisphere will not be able to attain any 2009 *boards for 6-9 months from now, many windsurfers are preparing to purchase new boards for the fall wind season. It would be nice to view information on the 2008 models directly from *board, beyond the downloadable catalog.

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Question 2008 site & GO 133 2008

Found it here, but again your Archive 2008 link does not work:


A question I have while I'm here for the 2008 GO models, your site states that the 144, 155, 166? &/ 177 have a full EVA deck, but you state nothing about the 111, 122 & 133's EVA. Do they have the partial EVA deck as the 2006/2007 smaller models did?

The reason is I had a 2007 GO 139 and liked the partial EVA deck. Sold it to a student and now have a 2008 GO 133 on order to replace it, would like it to have some EVA beyond the footpads. I see that the 2009 models have two versions an EVA and non-EVA deck regular vs sport model, so I am unsure what type of deck I will soon be getting? Hope it has some EVA?

RIDE ON!!!???
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Default Starboard Q.

Starboard Crew

Will the Starboard One Design Class remain if not selected for London? for example raced as a division inside Formula on the same start line.

As someone who already races the RS: X this would be a great opportunity (one set of equipment) to race in the Formula Class without investing in the amount of equipment necessary to be seriously competitive in the class.

Realistically the Starboard One Design will not be as fast as top line Formula gear but I cant see it being to far off (same ball park when compared with RS: X vs Formula) raced well I am sure the concept will work.

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