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Default Old guy, old school on EVO 83: need advise

I have been windsurfing, slalom racing, and bump and jump for more then 30 years. Aside for my Go 139 and Formula 170, my equipment is 8 years old. So I have the old school style of riding. I just got muself a EVO 83 lt, I only used it twice so far in 20-24 knts wind with a 5.9 North Duke, I weight 90 kilos, and am 185 cm. I kept doing spin out over spin out with the 23 cm wave fin it came with. My mast was almost all the way back in the track. I was in lake Champlain in 4 feet waves swell, and at every cut back I tried I was spinning out. I still have the habit of ridig with my back leg streight and 'riding the fin'.

What change should I do to improve my 'smoothness in carves', and to stop being in spin out all the time? Bigger Fin? Shorter harness rope? Mast more forward? Foot strap more back? More aft?

The review on that board made me buy it so I can have a good time in big 3-5 feet swell in Lake Champlain, Cap Hatteras and St Laurence seaway, but I do need good adjustement.

I am more then open for any advise from you team.

It is quite sarcastic that , I am seeking advise with my 30 years of 'old school' technique, and that on my free time I am part of a volunteer group that gives windsurfing initiation to Montrealers, we tought 201 new students this summer so far!!

But do not worry, I may be over 50 years old, but I can adapt to any style of sport and technique still ( as log as it does not request to bend my spine back ward....)
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Try the mast track in the middle, or around 132-134cm from the tail. I think a slightly bigger fin might help too. The original fin is very small for its size, so to say. Moving particularly the back strap a bit forward might help too.

After that is mostly about technique. M advice would be to give the board a fraction longer time to settle in the top turn. Ie don't hit it with full power right away, but ange it up in the turn and then start to drive it. This will secure some tail grip before and settle the rail which will then hold on much better.

To do this, sail handling is essential and if you take some extra care to open up the sail before setting the cutback rail fully, you will probably get a cleaner carve.

Good luck.
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