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Poster #29,
I would really like to test an RS:R in one size comparable to those I use, but in no case I would buy one. I know the RS:R is plenty fast and competitive but can't accept the limited warranty on masts, neither I want to experiment with different masts,neither I like the complicated cams; neither I like knowing a large amount of the money I spend goes into commercial politics aimed at convincing me to spend that same money, such as sponsoring a huge team.
The reason I choose TR's is in that they do work perfectly with their suggested masts and suggested settings right out of the bag; finer tuning is just a matter of getting perfect adjusments for prevailing conditions, not of finding THE "sweet spot". I like this as I am a recreational sailor and want to spend my windsurfing time on water, not on shore(... or in shop...). In other terms, it's the sailmakers experience that really works, no need for the time consuming process of making one of my own. Plus, of course, those are obviously super fast sails 100% fit for the task, as demonstrated by extreme performances by sailors well under 100 kg, both on the PWA tour and in speed sailing. By the way, accelleration out of the jibe seems to be the main TR's strong point compared to competition.
I have to admit that NP took a nice trend recently, by admitting their RS:R are already at their top and NOT introducing new models each season just for commercial reasons; which by the way is a 180 change compared to their previous habits. TR's on the other side are so revolutionary and new that probably can evolve some more, at least this was the case going from TR-3 to TR-4.
Pity you didn't find the right feel with your TR-3. I understand this is what is happening very often to NP and North users. You tend to identify sail power with back hand pull, which isn't the case with TR's. As a result, I think NP/North users may tend to oversheet TR's searching for that heavy back hand pull they are accustomed to, resulting in excessive angle of attack that kills sail performance. TR's pull very little sideways, but still have lots of propulsion. I recently succeeded in helping a friend to properly test a TR-4 by telling him not to overdo the DH and not to oversheet it: must have felt unusual to him, but in the end he realized the difference, loved the sail and is now in the process of changing his current quiver to TR's. He is a very eperienced FW and slalom sailor that competes at local and national level with lots of experience on RS:Rs, Warps and Vapors.
As for tuning options: you really don't need to adjust DH that much on TR's, unless you are into superoverpowered superbroad reaches sailing: the sail will work any how, and will be plenty stable and fast. Just needs some OH tuning to adjust to prevailing conditions. I was told that PMcG eased 3 cms. (!!!) off Josh Angulo's 7.0 downhaul before his winning final race in slalom #2 in Sylt in epic conditions. Seems he knew what he was doing.

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