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Default OK...

It is clear to me. I just say, there is a weigth dependence of a board wind range. I always check the windrange only roughly and finally I go to get the board that have the feeling should be exactly what I wanted.

What I was trying to say...since the windrange depends strongly on all the conditions, even if you say that the weight is an important thing it is not the only one...and buying a board just blindly is a bad idea...and when you yourself nor realise that the sail that you are using is out of range than you have not the technique well.

In fact I do not look at the sail range data too much, I check the other parameters, volume, max width, tail width...and I decide whether it is what I want or not.

Sailrange for me is only rough number...and i guess it always will be!

PS: I am thinking too much since there is no wind. Rather be on water than on forum

Ciao Michal.
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I guess the same problem occurs with "5 meters weather". To whom this reference would apply ? Some example: last month, wind was blowing 24-30 knots on our lake. For me, it's typical 4.7 meters weather on a 62 L wave board. For a 98 kg pal, it's typical 6.2 meters weather on a 95 L wave board.

Same wind but different gear for different rider's weight:

a) Could I use K95 with a 4.7 sail? Sure. Is it fun? Nope, way too big a board. Could I use K86 with a 4.7 sail? Sure. Is it fun? Yes, but still too big a board to play in the swell. Could I use A62 with a 4.7 sail? Sure. Is it fun? Oh boy, it's perfect in the swell !

b) Could the 98 kg pal use K86 with his 6.2 sail? Yes. Is it fun? Nope, too much sinking time in the lower wind range. Could the 98 kg pal use K95 with his 6.2 sail? Sure. Is it fun? Yes, best compromise between manoeuverability in the swell and schlogging in the lulls. Could the 98 kg pal use Aero 127 with his 6.2 sail? Sure. Is it fun? Yes, but still too big a board, less playful in the swell.

c) it's "5.4 meters weather" in 20-25 knots wind for me and I can choose 4 boards as follows depending on the conditions:
Speed on flat water: HS105 > Carve111 = Kombat86 > Acid62
Fun at wavering or B&J : Acid 62 > Kombat 86 > Carve 111 >>> HS105

Conclusion 1: choose sail size according to wind and rider weight.
Conclusion 2: choose board size according to wind and rider weight: too much volume a board is unecessary ballast, too wide a board hinders its manoeuverability in the swell and not enough volume/width increases sinking time while schlogging.

Cheers !

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Thik we are nearly agreeing ???
If I remember correctly your weight is circa 70k ?
For me the k95 was perfect in 4.7weather. (and below /stronger)

There has always been a atmosphere of pushing riders onto smaller boards ;fine if rider weight is considered.
Dunkerbeck was using 97 litres in 4.7 weather when I saw him sailing.
How many 95+ litre boards do we see as been usable (ideal) in sub 5 metre weather ?

Emporically I reckon each 10k body weight reduces minimum sail by perhaps half a metre ?
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I find that a good weight / conversion is to compare directly kgs to ls. I'm 100kgs and I basically never sail anything smaller than my weight (I take out my girlfriend's 96l light-wind board for nuking Gorge days). The rest of the time I'm happier on my Carve 111 because in our flukey winds I can uphaul it and still get home in 5 knots (though thigh deep on the uphaul). My question for the experts, though, is:

what are 100kgs sailors meant to do if they want true freestyle or wave boards for lighter winds? I was very excited to see the Kode was a freestyle wave at 122 l only to discover that at that size it is actually a freeride slalom.
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