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Hi Guys,
today in the world of pure surfing most of boards are with trifin system and some with singlefin..... twins are basically disappeard.......
....so I'm not able to understand why on windsurf world research&development is so slow....
Windsurf shapers needed more than 20 years to understand that boards were to be shorter and larger..... now I'm hoping they don't need another 20 years to understand that trifin is more efficient than twin system......
I leave you this interesting link where it is described the evolution around multi fin concept on windsurf boards....


ps: I'm not a witchcraft promoter or employee... I'm only a surfer/windsurfer a lit of bit bored with windsurf immobility on innovations.....
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Default fins

Hi here an other overview about fin variations:

Latest fins used by JP are quads- combination of twinser and truster
check out here:

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Starboard actually did a lot of testing with tri fin setups in the 2009 proto season. In the end, the twin fins performed better.

One might speculate about the reasons, but it is pretty obvious surfing and windsurfing are not 100% compatible. For one, windsurfers are generally going faster and you have to consider straightline planing, not only wave performance etc etc. And even if you go into the finer part of how turns are made you're gonna see differences.

I've done some test of my own too, fitting EVO boards with tri fin systems and I also used to be on only tri fin boards (usually with 3 14cm fins) from 93 to 2000. I think a tri fin and a twin fin ride very differently. In some sense, a tri fin is more similar to a single fin, as I see it. For example this holds for the top turns, where twin fin boards generally are extremely forgiving "free" while a tri fin tend to instead power up the turn for a more powerful carve. What both tri and twin systems have in common has to do with the more fin area relative fin depth which makes the boards very reactive and "loose" in the bottom turn. Both also go upwind well, with tri fins having the best advantage here.

But I think the current twin trend in windsurfing comes from the pros wanting to turn deeper, faster and harder on gnarly waves. Then the forgiving character of the twin fins really pay off. I think in surfing, the good guys are more "exact" in their riding than even the best windsurfers will ever be, its more finesse relative the amount of speed generated. Therefore you can take more advantage of the power and hold of a tri fin when surfing.

But tri fins are not put in the waste bin for windsurfing at Starboard. All system are still being considered for future developments. I'm currently experimenting with a tri fin setup i one of my own boards, to learn more about it all. But at the same time, I'm amazingly happy on my twin fin ET 70 and on my single fin EVOs and Kodes too. But I guess there is a time and a place for everything.
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Very thanks Ola for your professional remarks, I was knowing Starboard remains the most innovation oriented windsurf company. I think I will wait for second generation of multifins boards... but currently I will use up my last amazing purchase....kode wood carbon.
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