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Question fin in US-box

Probably stupid question...I just got my first US-box board.
What seem to me a bit strange...if I fix the fin according to the guide the screw is not completely hidden in the box...in fact the hole top of the fin screw is above (or under...you know what I mean)...and the fin is not alligned in the same way as on tuttle.

PS: I have aero...naturale wave fin with tuttle box, and now PA with US box.
In case of tuttle...the fin base line is parallel to the bottom of the board.
In case of US box it is tilted little bit.

Is this normal for US box or not, if not why is not working properly and how I can correct this?

Thanks for help!
Ciao Michal.
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Hi Michal,
I'm going to guess that what you are referring to is that with the Tuttle fin the root sits down in the board until the top of the root (where the fin extends out of the root) is flush and fair with the adjacent bottom of the board.
With the US ("A" box) and Euro ("E" box) systems with only one very small screw to pull the fin into the slot, and hold it there, it is difficult to get the fin and the screw head to
fit flush with the board.
In some cases you need to fix the counterbore for the head of the screw by making it slightly larger or deeper so it can accept the head of the screw. Not all fins have a counterbore for the screw head, some simply let the screw head be in the water flow at the front of the fin.
If the fin does not sit down so that the bottom of the root of the fin is flat a parallel with the bottom of the "A" or "E" box you might have to redrill the cross pin hole to relocate it slightly higher or lower relative to the bottom of the fin root.
Also, if you look at many fins you will notice a raised area on the bottom of the fin root just behind the screw. This is so a fin can fit into both "A" and "E" boxes. The "E" box is slightly deeper than the "A" box so this added little tab "levels out" the fin in the box when installed in an "E" box. The tab should be filed off if you are installing the fin in a true "A" box.
Hope this helps,
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Old 24th November 2008, 03:24 AM   #3
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Thank you Roger,

I am now feeling better, and rally looking forward to go and try the board out. I just heard that the board does not like an agressive back foot pressure ride...I will probably need a lot more time to get used to it.

Thanks for your answer once more...it always has a blend of experience!

Ciao Michal.
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