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Default Suggestion on Kodes 102 vs 112

Yet again another "common " questions that comes after reading forum and having tried myself different boards.
I am 85 kilos can power gybe, tack, I am interested in wave although I am not very competent in that...still in the learning curve . I own a 80 evo 08 which I sail from 5.3 down to 4.2 in typical mediterranean onshore conditions. I am hyper happy of this board as it has room for improvement for my level of ability.
The problem is my other board for lighter wind which I use in 6.2 and 5.8 ( sometmes 5.3 if wind is not consistent in formed sea) . Atr the moment it is a Kombat 112. I use this board either on a lake with 6.2 ( 16 kts) and choppy conditions or ( much better if possible) at sea when I am scared to be left outside by a "byebye" wind !!!. I am not a "serious" freestyler and I bought the 112 to cover the huge gap among the 2 boards. I am happy with it on lake but when it comes to Jump in 20-22 kts at sea I feel it 2 big ( I have also a fsw fin 27cm). Unfortunately I have never tried a kombat 105 or a kode 102 that would be my altedrnative and the only concern I have ( here comes the question) is about volume and widht . 85 kg + 8 ( board) + 10 ( rig) would make the total 103-105.....have I very limited chances to plane in 16kts with my 6.2? if I want to stay within 2 boards and cover the conditions above described shall I stay where I am or try ( ) and experiment a smaller size?
thanx for any suggestion you might have
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Unforgettable- If I were you I would keep the Kombat 112, because at 85 kg, a 102 would not be enough security for "byebye" wind. To make it more comfortable in strong wind and rough water, I would experiment with different tuning, like adding extra downhaul to the sail, adjusting the footstrap widths and positions, and trying short, low-aspect ratio fins that will calm the board down but won't spin out.

Examples of fins that might work well:

If that doesn't work, you might think about getting a board between the 80 Evo and the 112 Kombat. Maybe a 90 Evo. Even though it would still be too small to uphaul, you could begin to use it in lighter winds and with the 5.8.

Good luck.
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