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I'm sorry, I'm spanish and i didn't understand last two comments. What is Weedfin? And when floyd said "fitting of tiny fins(Arranged horizontally) (2cm length 1cm depth at most)" do you mean to put this fins and any normal fin?
I would like you to explain everything again if possible with other words.
Anyway, i think that fins which are wider than deeper (very low aspect ratio) have much more drag for the same lift as an other of high aspect ratio. That is why fins, wings, sails, and all this stuff has that shape! I don't think there is any other better solution to produce lift with low drag than a fin which is more or less like the ones that already exists. (Boats with the keel extended from bow to stern disapeared!!)
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A Weedfin is a fin with rake 45. She is vertical 40cm and diagonal 56cm.I used the fin
in Strand Horst Netherland. The wings are convex and concave. I tried the wings
higher and deeper. 8cm was the best result. I am 90kg, it was no problem to start faster, than a boy with 50-60 kg. Look:www.designlessacher
There can you see weedfins
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