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I am no expert,in fact far from it but!,,,I have a 133&111 Futura,two very different boards.I weigh 88-92 kilos and can uphaul an 8.5 Overdrive on that board if required.It is still possible to uphaul if required on the 111,just.(using a 6.5)The 133 becomes quite a handfull over 20 knots,and the 111 seems wanting below 15 (AT MY SKILL LEVEL) but I love them both.
It seems to me that a competent person at around my weight should be able to use a 122 as an all rounder.They are not a slow board,in fact far from it and I can honestly say that is were I would head if I had to choose as it will cover your sail sizes and float in light winds.(actually in no wind)
In higher winds waterstarting is the go and I would think there would only be a 2 knot max speed difference between the isonic 122 and the futura 122 with the same rider.
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Totally agree Fullmoon.
Futura 122 is intself already quite a dedicated speed/slalom choice.(read Boardseeker 120 litre tests)
Isonic as a oneboard solution IMO would be sverely limiting for little (if any ) gain.
Good sailor on a Futura more than a match for a poorer one on Isonic. Even more so rougher it gets.
IMO you would be selling Isonic after a season. ????
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Some additional points:

1. Two knots speed difference, if you are travelling at 30, is MASSIVE (about 7%)
2. Good sailor on a Futura will most certainly beat a poorer one on an iSonic. That's not the question here, it's about the same sailor. If I would have to race myself, I would most certainly win on an iS. But even more important (to me) than top speed, is how the ride feels. With relatively big sails (8-9m) on relatively big boards, I don't see the advantages of a freeride. Imho of course.
3. About selling his iS after a season, you can't possibly know that. As I've said, some recreational sailors choose slalom boards (while others hate them), not based on marketing, but based on testing and experience.

Fair winds
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Given the comments back and forth about an iSonic versus a Futura, it's my impression that original poster would be most happy with the iSonic. In light of the fact that he has more recently been sailing a Formula 162, I'm sure that he's very comfortable with very outboard placed footstraps, which is arguably one of the primary features of a dedicated slalom board. While a Futura very likely have outboard settings in addition to more inboard settings, I'm thinking that the iSonic's settings are still probably more outboard overall. Also, the iSonic is going to be a lighter board which will handle a bit more lively in the wind range targeted.

Lastly, another real plus for the iSonic would be fins. Although a Futura can be setup with dedicated slalom fins, I tend to doubt that the it would offer the same kind of performance overall.

Ultimately, I guess it comes down to whether the iS122 or iS133 would be best. To discern which one would be better depends on the consistency and strength of the wind. If it averages more often in 10-13 knots range, the iS133 seems more the best choice. On the other hand, if it averages more often in the 15-20 knot range, the iS122 stand out as the better choice.
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