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Hi, I only can post on S-Type, the other I have not tried yet.

I also do not share the thing that ST is an aerly planner (I would say an exact opposit) but it trully is a board with a huge potential.

I ride it with element 8.5 mostly and it is one of my favourite combos...I hated it at the begging but as I learned what the board likes and how to ride it it became my favourite one.

About the upwind, it goes very good upwind with the standard fin as well, of course with a more direct (effective) slalom fin even better. It goes good upwind when not planning or when full planning overpowered..the transition is a disaster.

Definetely no problem in choppy water, I sailed it on the see in up to 4 meters see waves, and it is a kind of fun.

Speed is generely no problem for the board, another slalom/speed fin maybe 2cm shorter and the board will fly...well it is flying anyway.

PS: If you did not observed the qualities of the board keep it and try to dig it out of you...there is no similar board to get today.

PPS: To the post mentioning AERO 117...I have it and I can really say that this is the board that got me back to windsurfing and make me hate the sport at first but everything has changed and currently it is the most ridden horse in my stable...

Have fun,
ciao Michal.
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