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Whats the wind angle likely to be ?

If big Slalom isn't faster reaching in 15 knots then it they have a very small window of superiority before mid size slalom takes over ?
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15 knots is not marginal winds. A big slalom board will be well powered with a 9.8 sail, with its smaller wetted surface and fin it should be quickest when the course isn't very high or deep. You only need 100 cm width and 70 cm fins for pointing or planing in the marginal stuff. And yes I agree with #11, if the big slalom boards aren't the fastest boards in 15 knots, what's the point in having them? Thats the theory, reality will show. Very interesting topic..

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2 years ago we had same situation.
Bjorn was on a 80cm SL 9,8sqm and a 48fin.
My friends and me was on Formula with 11 sqm.
Finally I would say over 500m average the F will win. Maybe topspeed by SL. But all very closed in 15kn.
But:!!!!! If you go trough gates you can influence the result by choosing the wind angle.
My bet is only valid for free course for everybody.
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This is a tough one. In 15 knt winds I hit faster max speeds on my big slalom gear then I do with my formula gear using the same 9.8 sail. In the big gusts, to maintain control, the slalom board accelerates where the formula board points up or down wind. Also, I know you loose more speed over distance in lulls then you gain in gusts. So over a 500 meter beam reach course with 15 knt averages it would be very close. The more lulls, the lower the lulls, the bigger the advantage to the formula I think. The more gust, the bigger the gusts, the more advantage to the slalom board.
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Very light winds during the whole event, with formula being the best option. However in the final, it rose up to 18k, with Schurman swaping from formula to slalom kit in the last minute... The final results were:
1º - Slalom kit (Lang)
2º - Slalom kit (Schurman)
3º - Formula Experience kit (Neves)
4º - Formula kit (Tomas)

Still my bet is that if it was 15k steady, with 2 sailors same level, the formula wins. Just a guess though.

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