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I Just received my phantom 320 (09 model) two days ago. The dagger was hard to deploy and retract.

Re Rogers comments: the dager casing doesn't have the clipperbox plastic components and stopers that are advertised in the catalogue. The side plates are two flat aluminium plates. The instalation guide that came with the board showed the cliperbox also but that is not what is on the board. The dager does come up until hits the deck or at least the pedal that actuates the mast track. The fully deployed stoper consists of a pin through the top of the dager that hits the deck surface. It is very similar to the RSX system.

The clipperbox worked very well on my Zclass board. I wonder why it was changed?
I found the RSX system worked well on my RSX board also. It would have been nice to receive the board with the dager movement functioning corectly. It does spoil the exitment of geting the new toy.

I found that the friction was in fact between the plates and the dager. I sanded down dager surface where it comes in contact with the side plates to give it a bit more clearance and it now works quite well, only stiking ocasionaly.(perhaps needs a little more sanding.)

I tried the soap sugestion before sanding but it didn't help much. I could see from the scratches on the dager surface that these was too much contact and it always stuck part way down, not when there was maximum contact with the rubber.

The dager hiting the mast track release pedal is a bit of a problem causing inadvertant moving of the mast position when I retract the dager. It is advertised in the catalogue as an advantage but I have found it more of a problem. The pedal is wide enough to operate without having to push on the dager.

After my first days racing on the phantom 320, I am very pleased with board (exept the above complaints). While I am not an expert racer, I was able to go much faster upwind and downwind on it than on either my RSX or Zclass. the wind was 12 to 20knots at different times of the day and I was using an old 8.5m r-type sail.

One other problem is the footstraps. I had heard comments about it in the forum before with the straps constantly shrinking back down after setting them to a large size. I like them looser since I sail with rubber boots on. Do I need to reeplace them or will they stretch out fairly quickly?
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I finally found and tested a cheap and totally effective way to solve the stiff daggerboard articulation that I have been bedeviled with since I got my new Phantom 320!!

I applied three coats of carnuba wax (used to polish cars) on both the daggerboard and gasket seal. I applied one coat first and let it harden full before polishing it with a soft cloth. Then I applied two more successive coats in an identical manner and buffed the final coat to a deep luster.

I have taken my board out to sea all day for three full days and the daggerboard still works smoothly and effortlessly as it should. Before the waxing it used to be nearly impossible to deploy and retract.

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