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Red face boards boards

Its a bigger question then at first glance.
take a look at your existing quiver.
Cant go wrong keeping the f-2 axxis 272: a classic golden design for ripping conditions, but also a great gyber...( why no gying till now??)so I would say dont go with a smaller kombat.
So you have covered the smaller high wind regime.

The futuras IMHO will not gybe as well or should i say as loose or easy as the above ,BUT they are fast ( i tried the 111 and 93 just recently).
But the futura would be more of a replacement to your larger board. The Xantos while great boards, was old style. They added thickness for volume and float but the added volume did nothing for early planing.

Planing ( all other factors being equal, vee, rocker,) is all about width.

Width is now a key element while board volume has really taken a back seat.
You can get better performance than the xantos from a futura with less volume and as such less weight.
Taking the width of a given design and then take its intended purpose, id go for the 111 with a bigger sail like the 8.0.
Now its sounds like i am trying to be a know it all, but believe me..

I have lots of overlapping boards, and its a waste I have leanred through experience.

So purchase your new board to not replace your axxis but compliment it .
the xantos howver will be redundant. I would sell it .

Otherwise over the years you have multiple boards that overlap in performance and alot of gear you wont use much.

Like me.

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