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Old 7th August 2009, 01:00 AM   #1
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Cool Multi fin boards . ?

Am I right in thinking s a single fin arrangement can produce better lift to drag ratio ?
Was under impression if you double size of single fin you dont double drag but can double lift. Whereas to axchieve same lift with 2 fins will give double the drag ?
Perhaps I`m mis-informed but if it is the case where how does this sit with current crop of multi-finned boards ?

70cm fins are used on Formula for a reason ???? If above wasn`t the case wouldn`t 2 35cm fins be advantageous ????

Thought it was why "thrusters" died out in 80`s !!!???
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Is there a picture of the GO 144 fins on the website somewhere? I can't find a picture or drawing of the Shallow 410. We need a board that will go upwind in light winds.
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Old 7th August 2009, 04:57 PM   #3
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Multi finned boards are for wave use where I think the lift/drag ratio is less important than maneuvrability, I did not notice any freeride or slalom in multi fin.
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Old 7th August 2009, 08:37 PM   #4
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HiFly Madd (freeride) was/is multi finned.

How does multi fin help manouverbility ??? If single fin has better lift drag (if ???) then same lift could be achieved with relatively smaller amounts of fin and that would help manouvreability ???

Perhaps multi finned just grip better in turns but that must be connected to lift/drag ???


Any Hydrodynamic engineers ????
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Old 13th August 2009, 04:24 AM   #5
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Floyd, does the question come from looking at the kite course racers at the world champs? I was puzzled to see they had four fins.
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