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Default North prisma 08, anybody tried or seen?

Hi all,

does anybody have tried any of the North Prisma from 08? I have spotted a second hand Prisma 08, the 8.5m2. I am looking for a sail with great low end (as NS promote it) to match a big freeride JP135 ~< 12 kts wind, or my Kona OD in less wind

Anybody have tried them? Or seen them? I guess it should be tight leech. Are they similar to NP V8 helium, for this I have seen test

I know I would sacrifice some hi-winds stability and speed but a 8.5m2 with lots of power it would seem for me the best big sail in my quiver. I weight ~80kg.

It is strange to me that I haven't found any magazine test on them, and also seems North is not offering them on 09, so I'd better check before have a look at them

Many thanks in advance for any hint you can give me


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I own a 7.5 Prisma and it works great on my RRD Z-Ride 133. Lots of power to get planing
in lighter winds, and if it picks up, just add more downhaul. very stable sail with the two cams. btw, the NS cams rotate just as easily as a non-cambered sail
easy to rig with all the guides printed on the sail, even harness line location.

I have also used it on my Exocet Pacer raceboard in 14 plus knots, works great.

very good sail.

USA 778
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Hi Dennis,

thanks for your feedback. For your answer and others I received from kona forum I think I will buy this second hand North Prisma 8.5

Glad to know it has a great low end (if you are happy using it with an hybrid RB it must have) but also wide range to use it with the 133 freeride.

I'll share with you my feelings when I use it

Thanks and best regards

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