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Default Acid 60 (2006) or Kode 80 (2010)

I have an Acid 88 (2005), but want to buy a bit amaller board for choppy waves and onshore sailing in Scandinavia (Malm; Sweden).
I have the opportunity to buy a new Acid 80 (2006-wood), I think it will handle an Ezzy 5,8 sail. I have read and heard positive critics abour this board, but Im also thinking about the Code (2010) as a possibility. Without discussing the price, Im glad to hearing from You regarding these two boards wiht the characters as highwindsboards/shoppy waves up to 2 meters and onshore sailing?

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I mean Acid 80 and not Acid 60!
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I would say that the Acid 80 from 06 and forward got looser and looser. As you may have read, the 06 was the king of B/J (still good in waves though). 07/08 got a tad softer rails. The Kode is softer still and has a bit more tailkick. All version will rip in bigger waves, but the beauty of the Kode is that it works better in slower waves also.

So in short, for the B&J part of your sailing, any of them will do for pure straight line work the 06 Acid 80 will in fact come out on top. But if you're gonna ride waves, the Kode 80 will be looser and easier to work at slower speed.
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