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Thanks Ken...
When you say keep your harness lines short, are you talking about the adjustable thing? Or would you use a short one, lets say 24-26cm all the time?
Also when keeping the mast vertical, I understand that I should not to bring it to windward, but to go upwind I have to try to bring it to stern, as almost with the sail touching the chicken strap... isnt that? Maybe Im souding dumb, but just to clarify...
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You are not sounding dumb. Asking questions is always good until you understand completely.

Yes, adjustable harness lines. Length depends on your boom height and your physical size (arm length) as well as the type of harness. A seat harness requires longer lines than a waist harness.

Regardless, they should be short for upwind and long for downwind if you stay in the outside straps and don't go to the chicken strap. If you do go to the chicken strap, then short lines will be better. If you try to stay in the outside straps on a fast downwind run (lines long), then chicken out and go the the chicken strap, you will find that your lines will be too long and you will be using your arms 100% with no harness help. It is really hard to shorten your lines once in this situation, so the decision to keep then short or to lengthen them must be made as you round the windward mark before heading downwind. At least this is true for me.

Correct, don't pull the sail to windward while heading upwind (light winds). For heavy winds, you will have to pull that sail to windward to balance the additional force. Raking the sail back to the deck (closing the gap) or sheeting in will give you more power upwind. However, you can over do it and stall. This is where practice comes in, finding the perfect amount of sheeting in to provide maximum power.

Hope this helps.
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Ive found this article to be extremely helpful for formula technique.
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