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Default F162 help needed

Hi, don't know if anyone can help me, I am a 85Kg recreational sailor using an 11m severne overdrive on a F162 with standard fin. The sail felt fantastic on my F159 and thought I would get earlier planning/better handling from the newer SB but this is not the case. The board is a real handfull and just wants to rail up when well powered up, I have been offered a Deboichet 68cm R13 soft, would this help or even work with this board? If not can someone please recomend a size and rake compatible that may possibly help.

Thanks in advance.
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R13 much to small and not enough powerful for 162. You need a very soft fin overall, a wide and super soft fin tip for more power and lift. Additional less rake (like +8 or +10 in Deboichet language)
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Ok, so the R13 68cm is wrong for that board. The fin I have is an R19 70 with +8 rake (standard fin I think?) can you suggest a different fin that may help solve the problem I am explaining?
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I used that board for a year with www.f4fins.com model CR size 70cm XS. Super fast downwind and excellent angle upwind. Also very affortable in compare to other fins out there and will perform even better than more expensive fins.
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Yesterday I left my fin at home, so I had to borrow stock R19 fin to use with my F162. I think this fin is way too upright for the board as it makes the board really sticky by raising the back of the board too much. I think you could try to improve performance by raking the fin back a few degrees.
As for custom fins, I have been using VMG Blades K76 fin last year with success. Very fast and easy ride in all directions - upwind or downwind. You can check their fins at www.vmgblades.com.

Karolis LTU1001
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For recreational sailing the supplied fin is more than adequate.

Have you tried moving the mast foot forward a bit? That generally helps me when my board board gets too flighty...

Good luck!
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