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Concerning speeds on a Formula board. Here are five sailing secessions from last year on my board with an 11.0. 9.2 & 8.4 sails (last column).

After the date, the first numbers are top speed in knots, second and third are wind speed range in knots while I was on the water. I have recorded all sessions for the last 4.5 years with a gps and wind speeds from Iwindsurf. There is other data that I also record, but I haven't included it here.

21-Jun, 24, 7-16, 11.0
4-Jul, 25.5, 4-16, 11.0
9-Jul, 22.5, 7-13, 11.0
19-Aug, 23.2, 9-16, 9.2
16-Sep, 26.7, 9-19, 8.4

I could probably do better with top speeds if I weighed more. At 78kg, I find that I get overpowered pretty quick with the 11.0. My best ever top speed on a formula board was with a 9.2 sail in 2007 when I hit 28.3 knots in 9-17 knots of wind. I weighed about 82kg then.
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