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Default kode 76

Hi, i would like to know if a kode 86 will suit me for a freeriding use on a choppy spot. I'm 66 kg and i plan to use from 4.5 wave to 5.7 freeride sqm sails. I own a slalomboard warp67 fot light and a pocket 72 for hight winds. I'm looking for a blasting and turny board with a good control and a good confort due to my great age. thanks a lot for your advices

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86 too big for your weight considering the sail sizes you mention. I'm 86 kgs and I'd use a K80 for 5.7 - 5.3
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I'm 84 kg and use a K80 for conditions you've mentioned. The 86 will be huge for you with a 4.5.
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I beg to differ a little. A Kode 80 will overlap a lot with your pocket 72. And for freeride type sailing, even at your lighter weight, I think the Kode 86 will do an excellent job for 4.5-5.7. For really powered up 4.5 sailing it might start to get a bit hectic, but then you can always use the pocket 72.

The Kode 80 will of course also work, if you want more focus on a nice and soft ride for the 4.5 sailing.
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