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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Its a little off topic but a technique I use to compare my sails (from different manufacturers/ranges) is boom length x mast length (in cm) divide by 1000.

A 7 metre comes out around 100. A 5 metre around 70. Its sort of a power index which I find better for comparing sail "sizes" than quoted areas.

See where yours comes out and then work backwards to size.

580*210 /1000 = 121.8
500*244/1000 = 121.8

475*210/1000 = 99.75
445*224/1000 = 99.75

nah forget it stick with area......
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Hi Floyd, I've done similar statistics on my sails collection, basically calculating the ratio between claimed surface and inner triangle area. Overall I've found numbers around 1.4 with wave sails having (logically) a smaller ratio than freeride/race sails. But also it can vary sensibly from one brand to another, one model to another, and even one year to another. Sail surface seems to be affected by same marketing tricks than board volume.
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Hi Farlo
Yep;its why I started with the calculations.
I have 2 "5 metre" sails.
A Gun MC wave and a NP Combat. The Combat is lots better in strong winds; the Gun loads more bottom end.In theorey both 5 metres but on my scale the MC comes out around 75; the Comat around 70.(Similar aspect ratios too !!!) So obviuosly the Combat is better in strong winds ; its smaller !!! (Both 5 metre sails can go in same quiver !!!)

My biggest sail is 7.5 metre (107) but compares favourably with most 8 metre sails on my scale. My 7 (in theory only half a metre smaller) scores only 97; so it fits in my quiver.
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See what you mean. I have a Naish 6.6 hardly larger than an older North 6.0 but with much more grunt. Looking at them you would not say one has 10% more surface. The 6.6 is probably exaggerated to reflect the sail power, so that it fits nicely in the product range compared to other sails.
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