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Hi Haggar,

I'm not so sure if we (mortals) will feel the difference between 75% or 100% carbon masts. The best way to test it would be by rigging up 2 RSR (or RSS) sails, one with the X6 and the other with the X9 mast and actually try to feel the difference.
I think that the carbon percentage gets more important in the tallers masts (> 490)
This is just my opinion.
Probably I will get a lot of reactions now.

I'm convinced about feeling the difference in control between a RSR and a RSS sail. The difference was quite substantial.
PS: I use a 75% carbon Tribord mast in my RSR. It performs very well according to me.
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Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
I had RSR's in a 6.7 and 5.8 and used these on X6 masts, not ideal I know, but in Aus the X9's are just so expensive. I have changed to RSS MK III's - 6.2 and 7 again on X6's. Initially I thought the control was slightly less on a square reach, but every time I use these sails I like them more and more. Control is fine for me, as for speed, cant comment yet as I hav'nt had the best conditions yet. One of our better GPS sailors did 40 knts + last month here on a 6.2 RS MK III. The tack strap is very important and you have to tune them different. For me they are the best sail for me at the mo and suite me fine. If you've got money to burn, yeah go RSR and X9's
Hi Haggar,
could you tell me more about how you tune the MKIII? To me it seems the downhaul is different compared with the racings, and what about the tack strap??
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Originally Posted by BelSkorpio View Post
Yes, a very nice performance of Erik Loots indeed.
Mirror flat shallow water on "The Brace", a famous speed spot in Holland.
It seems that the MKIII has a lot of top end speed in this conditions.

But still, I know what I felt.
The RS:Racing is far more controllable in heavy gusts combined with chop.
It's the better slalom sail according to me.
There's also a whole lot of difference in jibing c/w the more nervous MKIII.
Yeah Eric changed to *board Severne and using his new reflex 5.6 for the first time did a peak of 45.9knts and 43+knt average so the MKlll are duds
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KVDA, yes you need to really reef on the tack strap, that puts lots of shape in the bottom of the sail and aids stability. Keep the sail off the boom otherwise I'm told the compact clew doesnt work. As far as downhaul, I had been using full downhaul as I used to use on my RSR's, but it seems to be that this may be too much, so I will try to reduce this a bit. If anyone can comment please do,

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