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Hi Grace,
It's possible for you to use the vent, and ambient (outside) temperatures to ensure that the inside foam
core of your board is dry.
Here's how:
At the end of the day, close the vent plug and let the board cool off as the outside temperature cools off.
In the morning, before the temps rise (say before 9 am) open the vent.
In fact, remove the vent plug entirely.
Make a "wick" from some paper towel (twist it so it can be pushed all the way down to the core foam
at the bottom of the vent plug hole (the tan/yellowish stuff you see at the bottom of the vent plug
hole is the core foam.
Let the board sit in the sun with the vent plug out, and the wick in place.
The wick will pull any moisture that collects near the vent out of your board.
Do this several times, being sure to remove the wick and install the vent plug before the temperature
goes down in the evening.
In the morning, you should hear a little "hiss" as the warmer outside air gets pulled into the core to equalize the internal pressure with the outside pressure (atmospheric ambient pressure).
If you do not see any wetness on the wick at all, you are done as there is not moisture inside your
If you board did indeed "delaminate" you would see bubbled areas on the bottom (normally) that
are soft to the touch. If you push on them, they will give as there is nothing but air between the skin
laminates of the board and the core foam.
If your board feels solid all over, then you do not have a problem.
Hope this helps,
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Hi Roger, I will do as you advice in the next few days, I will let you know how I am getting on
thank you
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