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for the unregisted living in Rome,

can you send me some free stickers to South Florida?
i will pay for delivery.
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Default I'm regestered but this site doesn't seem to know that.

Nice suggestions but I used to work in the computer/vinyl department of the top architectural sign making company in the Bay Area and without the actual separated artwork (not a jpg file!) the machine can't cut the sticker. Plus the Tiki is printed on clear vinyl so that there is material between the artwork, a factory thing. I actually made Loft Sails stickers that covered their entire company vans but they sent me the separated artwork and all of the stickers were cut in solid colored vinyl.

I've also called many Starboard dealers all over the USA and none have them (even the shop where I bought my 3 Futuras from in the Gorge!). One company in Florida that I thought had them sent me these 5 foot tall square stickers with a million perforated holes in them for dealers walls that wouldn't work at all.

I am willing to pay for them say anywhere around $15 for each sticker plus shipping costs which seems fair considering they likely only cost them $5 if that. Cost is not the problem here.

Too bad Starboard doesn't have an office in the US that we could contact and order from.

Actually if anyone has the email for a shop worldwide that speaks English and has them I would order from them. I order classic car parts from England all the time.
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