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Default Start for re-start?

Can anyone identify the year/model/specs of this Start (see attached)

After many years on dry land, I am looking at picking up sailing again. I was an intermediate "lake" sailer, but never progressed past my Windsurfer one design. @ 90kg would this be a good choice for me to go out and have a little fun, and teach my 11 year-old? Or is it too basic or wrong size? Comes with a 6.0m and 5.4m sail
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looks like a 2005 start small, 150L / 235 x 85 / 13kg.
could be start medium, 205L / 258 x 90 / 13.6 kg
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Hi Gleniffer,
Give us the first few numbers in the serial number.
That will define the year model and the size.
Should be sometning like ST (S/M/L) 05 (06/07) ......
The serial number will be located adjacent to the vent plug, or
perhaps on the bottom of the board near the nose.
If it's at least 180 liters, it could be OK for you at 90 Kg.
If it's smaller (I.E. < 180 liters) then it will be good for your 11 yr. old for sure.
Hope this helps,
rod_r could be correct, it looks like a Start Small, but the serial number (about the first 6 or 7 letters/digits) will positively identify it.
How big is the Retro sail I see in the background?
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If it is right or not depends on your expectations.
With one of these wide and short beginner boards you will not experience much (or any) of the lightwind gliding sensation you may remember from your windsurfer OD days. The Start will move around more like a stable barge.
That said, it may work very well for your 11-year old (with a much smaller sail, like a 3 m2). And you can yourself get accustomed to sail handling again.
If you expect to get planing (as in all recent windsurf photos) you will need quite a lot of wind with a 6 m2 sail and 90 kg. Most likely 10 m/s (20 knots) or more (note, skilled windsurfers may get it going earlier but learners typically rely on brute wind force). A bigger sail, in the 8 m2 range will reduce the wind required for planing, but it will still probably require some 15 knots for you.
To me you sound like the customer for a Starboard Phantom 320. That is, a board that bridges the gap between lightwind gliding and high performance planing windsurfing.
It all depends on what you expect to get out of it, where you sail, how windy it typically is when you get out on the water, how flexibly you can go sailing when it actually is windy, etc.
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Thanks for all the feedback. It's a re-sale board and I'm trying to get the size info from the seller. The sail in the picture is a 6.0m retro, so given some of the feedback I'm a little concerned about the strength of wind needed to plane. You're right, all the photos on the site show the board planing along in light seas (often with a passenger aboard). Average wind speeds in our area are 14 - 16 km/hr.

Thanks for all your help. I'm thinking it would be a good learning board for my son.
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I'm a restarter myself and I didn't like the Start. L As PG said, there is no gliding sensation at all. And when the planing starts, it is quite bouncy because of the large size. I also rented a 139l Go that I preferred. It suited my 3 kids better.

I ended up finding a used Starsurfer for the kids. My kids are quite light and the smaller and lighter board is really better for them. It will react when the try to turn, so it is easier for them to figure out how the board reacts to their actions. If what you found is a small Start, it may make sense for your boy. An appropriate kid rig is also quite important since the up-haul all the time. They're not too expensive.

I ended up buying a Kona One for myself. I love it. Starboard Rio would be an alternative. The Starboard Phantom 320 would have been the best choice, but was unavailable used and would have been too expensive.
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