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Default iS 111 -08 and weed fins


I have a iSonic 111 and will need a weed fin. I sail with a Sailworks NX 7.1 race sail. But will next year also use a 8.2.

I am thinking about a Lessacher Duo Weed 32 as I have friends who is very pleased with them. But can it handle a 8.2 and also be good upwind and for slalom sailing or should I go for the 36 fin for the 8.2 sail.

I have today 32 and 36 of Lessacher Quattro cut weed (not the chameleon) fins but I have problems with spinouts and the ride is nervous. Both fins act the same with 7.1 upwind and halfwind but ok downwind. Anyone tried these fins.

Would a duo formula 32 fin be a better choise if it were to be found in normal tuttle. It has more lift and perhaps would be more like the standard fins.

Had a short response from Wolfgang and a 32 might be enough for both sails but have anybody tried this setup and can tell me a little more about it before I decide.

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Hi Jonas,
You are having spinout issues with the Lessacher Duo fins?
That's very interesting.
I have the 32 cm/36 cm/40 cm Lessacher Duo fins and I have never had
any spinout issues.
Yes, I've spun the 32 and 36 out a time or 2, but only when I jumped on the fin
before the board had dveloped any speed. So, no water going by the fin to get the
foils to work.
I like the 32 cm up to 7.5 m2.
For the 8.2 I would think the 36 cm Duo would be better, but I'm pretty sure I've
sailed the 32 with an 8.5 m2 a few times.
If you are racing slalom are you using the Lessacher weed fins?
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The fins Im having trouble with is Lessacher Quattro Cut Weed. They are white and black and made of G10 material. But I guess not many have tried them out.

The Duo is the one im thinking of. I actually tried a DUO today. Borrowed from a friend. It seems to be a good fin but I didnt get fully up to speed as wind was not strong enough. I had my iS111 and Sailworks 7.1 NX cambersail.

I guess I will have to have 2 fins. 32 and 36 Duo Weed. And yes they will be used for slalom sailing but also just race with friends.


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