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Hi Belskorpio, this is a sad story for sure but it will not stop people from trying new things like kite.

Conditions have been tremendously good the past three months (I'd rather not sell my ST104). There were people windsurfing several days a week on my spot and indeed a few newcomers. There are no kites there because of trees and deep water in the launch area. In such places you can expect windsurf to resist for another decade at least.

A few weeks ago I went to Brittany on a large bay famous for water sports. We had a day with good 25+ knots onshore wind. There were probably more than 300 kites (you could hardly see the sky) and maybe 30 windsurfers. I don't remember having seen so many sailors at this place. Kite seems to attract other people, including girls, who maybe would not have started or kept windsurfing. The vast majority of them was able to cope with that wind easily, anyhow there was no particular incident reported that day.

Though is was a harsh time for learning, my second son made his first steps on a windsurf. Hopefully he will get addicted and that would make me happy. Should he move to kite later, then I would be anxious.
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Hey Farlo,

Nothing against the kiters ! I would say, the more kiters the better. They have their own spot with us.

Our windsurf waters are already crowded enough. Every year more and more.
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Well, I'd been told that relations were tight sometime between kiters and windsurfers, but I didn't noticed it on this beach. Many of the kiters have been windsurfing there in the past so they understand how we sail. Anyway they tend to stay in shallow water so you need only a few tacks to get rid of the fleet.

And to be fair there were always a few crazy bastards who go straight or jump without taking care of others, whether on a windsurf or a kite. Hopefully they will move to scrabble with age.
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