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Baggy is in for the kite/snowboard crowd, so a tight wet suit doesn't fit the image, so the baggy swim suit on the outside keeps them stylish - Just a guess.
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Hi Ken,

Sailing at l'Almanarre today I noticed a few things. In average, kiters were not younger than windsurfers. There were many young windsurfers indeed, and some greyish kiters as well. Windsurfers were first on the water in a solid 25 knots, but kiters remained much longer after the wind faded a bit. Most windsurfers were on 4.2/4.7 and had to stop while kiters kept going with the same wing. They did not seem to fight much harder upwind than windsurfers and jumped a lot more often; admittedly there were very little waves.

Both were in similar numbers in a place which was once a Mecca of windsurf. However there was no sign of conflict. A few guys had brought two gears and chose on the spot according to wind & wave conditions... A local mentioned several lethal kite accidents at la Bergerie on the other bank. He was clearly in favour of windsurf but helped a few friends to take off their kites. It was amazing (and somewhat frightening) how close they were doing it from the palisades.

As far as I could see, no one wore boardshorts. Windsurf was kind of flashy too in the 80's if I remember well.

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i thought this was a windsurf forum? :-)
pros and cons of kitesurfing are irrelevant

what we ALL need to do is - learn to live and let live
"smile at your brother and love one another"
enjoy the water and share it with others
help someone is distress irregardless of anything
ask someone sitting in water too long - thumbs up or ???

if i had the time and money - i would try kiting
for now - i am hooked on windsurfing and loving it

Happy Holiday Season to ALL and Happy New Year to ALL !!!
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Default kiting more specialized then one thinks at first

I am a hardcore windsurfer and yet have to say that kiting has its advanatges, there is no way anyone with half a brain can say otherwise.
BUT!!! Kiting ideally need a bunch of "Criteria" so it can be done safely responsibly and without detriment to others around.
How many time have you heard of kiters being banned from launches or beachs with public access??

When all the criteria are satisfied all is fine its a high powered sky high sport, when things go wrong it can be trouble not only for the kiter but others in the area.
I have said this time and time again give me a large funboard , like phantom 320 or a Rio and I can use it ANYWHERE... in 3 to 30 knots , that has more then 3 feet of water safely responsibly and with little detriment to others around me including the public.

I can set up in 15 minutes and :
-i can launch from a enclosed inlet with obstacles all around, sail out sail back.
-go speeds a 50 foot ULDB sailboat cannot hit,maybe volvo 60 or a catamaran can get close.
-i need no crew ! but its fun to windsurf with others!
-i can go downwind, and get back upwind,
-If the wind dies i do not have to swim back.
- i can do it in water over my head or just a few feet.
- i have floatation, so I can self rescue.
-I can car top it.
-i can do it for pennies on the dollars spent on other sailing craft.

Who else can say that? go thru the list with a kite ... some thing is that list they are very good at ...others related to safety ..not so..

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Honestly, I don't see it as a competition. They each have their own pros and cons on any given day.

Personally, I've been picking up kiting to cover me on those sub 15kt days that I used to have formula gear for. I'm having a blast, and love not having to haul the massive kit around anymore. When the wind starts pushing 20kts that's when the windsurf gear comes out.

I've actually replaced 2 sets of windsurfing gear (formula & light wind slalom) with a 12m Lithium and V2 Sector and can't believe I waited so long to do so (although glad I did due to advances in safety tech).

So yea, I would be so quick to write one off in favour of the other. I plan to keep doing both for as long as the body will let me.
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Kiteschool Tarifa
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Series # 2 Kitesurfing School Tarifa:. Heres a safety infographics preview, of what we hope you find interesting and helpful. TARIFA FREESTYLE ACADEMY

When either on the beach or water, there is always the golden rule to whos kite has priority in the position it is flying within the wind window.

While riding, the up-wind kitesurfer as seen here in our infographics on Safety 101, his/her kite must move higher in the wind window, towards 12 oclock, being the position of the kite directly over head.

Thus for the down-wind kitesurfer his/her kite must move lower in the wind window, closer to the water or the 3 oclock or 9 oclock positions respectfully. “This is critical to prevent kite collisions both on the water and on the beach”.

If two kites do collide however, your first response should not be to but must be to let go of the bar which ultimately de-powers the kite, and second response is to release the saftey release system which disconnects the kite from the rider.

In kitesurfing we rarely see anybody injured from two kites colliding, (different statistics however for kites colliding with person), but if your kite does collide with another, it is paramount to release the bar first, and then safety release system second.

As the kite can end up kite-looping through the power zone due to the lines being tangled as this creates tension on the steering lines respectfully. A kite looping through the power zone out of control is the most dangerous situation in the sport of kitesurfing, especially if the rider is on land.

Once the safety system is released, this problem should NOT arise. And even if the kite is still looping through the power zone, due to any reason (like un-equal steering line tension due to tangled lines), as long as the safety system is released, there will be very little or no power in the kite thus no danger.

As discussed in our previous series, fight or flight response is to tense up and pull in. :nono: An example would be if an attacker lunges for the victim, the victims first primal response is to tense up and pull in, as being ready to fight back, or (fight and flight response).

This response is counter productive in kitesurfing, and is actually the leading cause, of a potentially small accident turning into a larger accident.

When the rider pulls down on the bar, it sheets in or powers up the kite, obviously in an emergency situation this is not the response you would want to make.

However over thousands of years of human evolution, fight or flight response is one of our most primal :angryfire: instincts. During this evolution things probably weren´t taking into account for the best interest of todays kitesurfer, as being physically attached to a high performance human size kite! Thus in an emergency situation this instinct to tense up and pull down could ultimately lead to a potentially disasterous outcome!

Thus it is important to take lessons with a kitesurfing school that not only teaches using a highly progessive training methodology, but uses a safety first protocol. A good instructor will have 3 levels of defence in front of your safety.

This sums up our Series 2: On whom has the right of way in kitesurfing, and what to do if your kite collides with another.
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