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Each sailor has to decide what they want to do at the lake on the light wind days, sit and watch (short board guys); plane and slog; (wide board and big sail guys); or cruse (long board guys). Regardless of the board, one can practice light wind freestyle to hone skilsl and balance. The other option is to stay home and play golf.

Of course this is over simplified, but we each have to evaluate what we want from windsurfing. There is no correct answer, and for those new at the game, they may not know what they want to do. I have been windsurfing for 29 years and have always had a longboard or two. However, with a formula board and an 11.0, I have chosen to only use the longboards for racing for the last 10 or so years. Cruising in 5-8 knots on a longboard simply isn't fun enough to justify a trip to the lake. That's me, but it will be different for others.
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Hi Ken,

I completely agree.

Actually, if they forecast 5-8 knots, I wouldn't dream of taking a trip to the lake / sea. Tennis is then my alternative and very complementary sport because the wind can be very disturbing with tennis.
If they forecast 8-12, I will be tempted if it has been a (too) long time that I've been on the water.
if they forecast 12+ knots, no one can stop me.

BUT, it happens so many times that even with 12+ forecasts, I only get 8-12 knots when I arrive at the spot.
Then I am so glad to have a board like the US which gives me so much satisfaction, while others have to sit and watch. I don't mind to slog once in a while, though. You always need to take that into account when surfing in ultra light conditions.
About the statistics of last year, the US was my 3rd most used board just behind the IS101. My most used board was the IS122.
My most preferred board is the IS87 or my AHD83 wave board, but unfortunately where I live they will always remain my least used boards.
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I don't care about forecast and I go out and have fun windsurfing. With my Serenity
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