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Originally Posted by Shayne View Post
Hi Remi,
I was wondering, is there any update on SB developing a foil ?
Kite foiling is becoming quite regular here now when the wind gets light, it would be pretty cool to do the same with WS gear.
I like the idea of my 7.0 being my biggest sail, and then as the wind gets lighter, going for smaller gear, not larger !
Others might chime in but I am not so sure that an hydrofoil will gain much low wind performance for the same size sail. 7.0 seems small for sub-10 knots winds. In San Francisco hydrofoil Kites use massive sails in light air: 15 to 20 seems normal.
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Any news about windsurfing foil from Starboard? I'm planning to buy the equipment this year and I was hoping to stay on Starboard brand. But if no news ok I will check others
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Hi Davide,
Without knowing too much about it all, I had sort of come to the opposite conclusion regarding sail / kite size needed to foil. The kite foilers here in St Martin FWI appear to be using noticeably smaller kites than kiters out at the same time on normal boards.
The St Martin sailors are all about tricks and maneuverability, really it is like ballet on water, maybe the San Fran kite foilers are going for speed ?
Like Emil, I also would have liked to be looking at Starboard gear, but, I have been talking to Horue in France, who sells what looks like a nice foil and dedicated board set up. For what it is worth, I asked about sail size for my weight and they said in response " Today a 65kg flew in almost no wind with the 95l and 5.6m"
Which seems to correspond with the wind foil videos I see online that show small sails in what looks like light conditions.
I am going to have a test sail on the Horue gear here soon so I will let you know if anyone is interested.
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