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Old 21st September 2006, 08:12 PM   #11
dave macinnes
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Default RE: Formula Windsurfing Worlds, Arnon and Gonzalo

Firstly, all credit to Steve, Ross, Antoine etc who did consistently well in the light winds.

Secondly, I think this line is pretty harsh "It's still bad sportsmanship to leave early and bad mouth the Race Committee". They did try to hold talks with Bruno & Ceri along with the majority of racers and got no where. By the sounds of things they got laughed at - and this is frustrating for anybody. Can't blame them for letting off steam. Check the results of past comps and you will see that both Gonzalo and Arnon had some pretty crappy starts to some comps - and they didn't pack a sad and go home. Those crappy results would be down to their error rather than questionable conditions. And it is questionable if there is a 4 minute difference between 5 and 6 place, with people parked up all over the place. It's not rocket science! Would love to hear how they justified keeping that race.

George - did you even read their report? They did file protests, and they were using a digital wind meter - and it did fall below the wind minimum. The course is a big place - and you can't use a meter ever where - thats why they have RC discretion. They left the event because they had exhausted every option to them - and were getting no where. Staying to the end would have had no impact on future events - and wouldn't have made any statement at all about the state of formula. Which as Justin pointed out is about formula killing RSX - making it redundant. (What would happen to Ceri and Bruno if formula disappear and RSX took over?). I dunno - but air-rowing isn't really that appealing to anyone - apart from those who get large government grants to do it.

And JTW - you crack me up "You got beat by better light wind sailors or folks who had better light wind gear". Make up your mind - which is it? If you have been to any comps (aren't you a weekend warrior - let me know if I'm wrong) you will know that both these guys are always right up there in the low wind - and Gonzalo is especially unreal at picking wind shifts - so you are a moron if you are saying it is down to their sailing. I dunno how the boards are performing this year but aren't they both on Pryde? Pryde make terrible sails don't they

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Old 21st September 2006, 10:01 PM   #12
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Default RE: Formula Windsurfing Worlds, Arnon and Gonzalo

Well, Dave, with me being a moron and all, this may be difficult for me to explain. But I'll try my best....

You see, in formula racing, you're allowed to have different sized sails, and sails made by different manufacturers. Some of these sails work better than others in very light wind. I don't know why this is, and iffn' sombody tried to 'splain it to me, I probably wouldn't understand. Folks are also allowed to use different styles and sizes of boards from different manufacturers, too. Again, I don't know why, but some boards are faster than others in real light wind. So, it seems to reason that, if two guys had the same ability and were the same size, the one with the gear that worked better in real light wind would win in real light wind.

Now let me try to tackle the other one....preparation. If two fellas had the exact same sail and board, and if one of 'm practiced all the while in very light wind while the other just complained when the wind was such, and sat on the beach, this would constitute a difference in very light wind preparation. The one that practiced all the time in these conditions would probably win, even if he weighed more.

So, with my limited brain capacity, it looks like the people who beat them were either better prepared or had better gear for the conditions.
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Old 22nd September 2006, 02:04 AM   #13
ceri williams
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Default RE: Formula Windsurfing Worlds, Arnon and Gonzalo

Hi Dave ,
You know me well enough to question the allegation -" ceri and bruno laughed at our protest" !!
I take my reponsibilities as class chairman seriously - it is not always an easy task.
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Old 22nd September 2006, 09:37 AM   #14
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Default RE: Formula Windsurfing Worlds, Arnon and Gonzalo

Dave & Ceri,

I did read their report and you are correct it sounds as if they did file a protest, however my point is that by staying at the regatta they had the opportunity to continuing to protest if the rules bellow aren't adhered to.

Class Rules from the FW website:

2.2.1 If the wind speed is less than 7 knots in the
starting area at any time during the last minute
prior to the starting signal, the start shall be
abandoned .
2.2.2 Wind speeds shall be taken from a drifting boat
from approximately 2 metres above the sea
2.2.3 The Race Officer shall ensure that the wind is
measured over as much of the course area as
possible .

1.7 Pumping
If pumping becomes the main method of propulsion
the race shall be abandoned

Also if only one windmeter was used that is insuffient in my mind since it was the world championship and at the very least the RC should have windmeters at the startine, upwind and downwind marks. What else can be done. Also I don't understand how " a majority of the sailors" could be ignored? If they were then I understand but doesn't a majority win during a protest and the facts are the facts. If the wind was measure at 3m instead of 2m then there isn't any room for argument.


Are their some rules that could be more rigidly enforce so that their is less subjectivity to what is and isn't a "fair" race. This is supposed to be fun after all.
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Old 22nd September 2006, 10:06 AM   #15
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Default RE: Formula Windsurfing Worlds, Arnon and Gonzalo

Yeah we know Gonzalo. He came to AUS and mowed down a starboard tacker in typical pro arrogance (however some pros are the nicest guys) didn't do penalty turns and put on the whole bullying act which is typical of him not just with other competitors but race comittees and management. He left AUS leaving a bad taste with many vowing never to race formula again. Many here don't recognize his result in that regatta.
So If Gonzalo reports himself that Formula is going down and this is a very sad situation then maybe he should look towards himself for this demise.
If only for himself so his sponsers dont drop him then he will have to stay home in ARG.
He should be promoting formula and his equipment so in turn that translates to sales for F2 and NP. He should say nothing or something like formula is great in lows wind but unfortunately I missed the very few changes I had it was very dissapointing for me as I am known to be an excellent light wind sailor but next seasons will be great.

But who would buy his setup now, not me.
Maybe he should have gone to Gaastra to like Steve Allen.

Blowing of steam is one thing, writing a essay on the Starboard forum name calling the RD is another thing.

Its not as bad as Gal Fridmans fall from grace but you know...
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Default RE: Formula Windsurfing Worlds, Arnon and Gonzalo

Dear Justin,

I understand that everyone has a right to give their opinion, therefore I respect yours. However, I`m afraid that you don??t know Gonzalo well enough as to issue such statement. I??ve known him for a long time now, both as a professional sportsman and as a person, and I can say without a doubt that he is not even close to being arrogant. Whenever he is not sailing among the Pro??s he is keeping it real with his friends inside the water. He has been into windsurf for a very long time, for such reason, when he gives an opinion or complains about something, I??m pretty sure he has good reasons, you don??t become a Pro from one day to the next.

Best Regards,
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