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Default RE: From Adam in kernow

Way too large a fin for pure speed
You can use much smaller.

Speed sailing - the fin is crucial.
I use a Falcon 2005 90litre (60cm width) with a 26/28cm fin for downwind - Max GPS on this board 38.5 knots in Choppy/Flat water.

Simon Hinkley Recently used the 105 Isonic with 32/34 fins and was hitting peaks of 33/34 knots at choppy marazion with a 7m.
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Default RE: Isonic 111 speed

maybe I should say that 38-42 is a SLALOM RACE combo.For speed reach in a long leg a smaller one should help but you can't go too much smaller as the board start to become less controllable and more sensible to chop and/or gusts.Spin out is just around the corner and the final result will be not so far forward......
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Default RE: Isonic 111 speed

Just finished tu put on the footstraps (soft and light) on the board.Till now I haven't seen any 2007 isonic so I was pretty curious.
From a first sight the volume seems well balanced.The tail is very wide (for the given board volume) and relatilely thin but what I like so much is the wingers system for a better water release while blasting on the fin.It should balance the wide o.f.o. .
Scoop-rocker line seems straight while the board lays in the floor but it means NOTHING till the tail isn't charged with the feets into the footstraps!!
Med weight rated.
Hope to give a test as soon as possible.
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Default RE: Isonic 111 speed

My last and highest top speed on the iS111 / SSR7,6 / orig. 42cm is 64,2km/h (35kn). Wide tail needs correct fin length. Usually fins should be 5-9cm shorter than the "one foot off" dimension. Tail of the 111 is 49,2cm so matching fin sizes in normal slalom dimensions from 40-44cm. Off course you can ride smaller fins for better control and comfort but than you will not be fast and should better bye a freeride board.
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