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Default Go Sport vs. Futura

Kindof a 2 part question...

Firstly, I was wondering if someone could explain the differences between the smaller GO boards compared with their Futura counterparts. The website mentioned that the Go boards (mine is a 2009 model) with a volume of 155L or less share the same shape as the Futuras.

I ask due to some mixed reviews I have heard about the GO. In general I have heard from varied sources that after the very early learning stages the go will "hold me back" in my progression, and that they are "painfully slow".

On the other hand, Starboard claims the Futura as an incredibly versatile, and "blisteringly fast" board, well performing freeride board. Why the drastic difference? I understand there are construction differences relating to stiffness and weight savings, but does this really change all that much for an intermediate sailor?

Secondly (...sort of), Is the GO enough board for me to stick with for the long haul? The speed to me seems good, but I don't know if there's another board that might give me more time planing? (Note: my next pruchase is going to be an Ezzy Zephyr for just that reason!) I realize I might need a low volume board eventually (although not immediately since I sail exclusively on inland lakes located in the Canadian praries), but I don't want to swap out my Go unless I'm going to see a noticeable payoff.

I'm 185lbs on a 144L Go Sport (not like the big padded go's with centerboards) with a 6.5 sailworks retro. I'm waterstarting and planing after only about 6 or 7 sessions last year and looking forward to nailing my first carve jibes this summer. So far I have been really pleased with my progression on the GO, but since i've never tried other boards maybe I don't know what I'm missing?

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for the help!

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You are better to spend the money on sails just as you planed. The best way to get more planing time is bigger sails for the lighter days rather than different boards. The go 144 should handle at least a 9.5m sail. Higher end (quality) sails also give you more windrange in each size before they become difficult to control.
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Last year I changed my last wooden starboard to a 2010 G0144 (with eva), because my kids are also starting to use my starboards and the dram/wood versions are not kids proof (to fragile). I use my (sorry our) G0144 with racesails upto 10m2 and that works great. For me now using tuffskin Starboards instead of wood/dram/technora one's is not frustrating, maybe this is because of the facts that I'm getting to old or having not enough time to windsurf. The biggest disadvantage is de weight off the boards on land, the great plus is that last year no board had to be repaired by the dealer. On the water I think (can't compare) that I lost a little bit on some early planing, which I think is due to the more freeride oriented shapes off our tuffskinboards vs the race/slalom shapes I had in the past and the fact that I'm a little bit heavier (5kg) and heaving less tow. According to topspeed I really don't now because I have no GPS. If I compare my speed to the other windsurfers on the water there seems to be not a big change.
For me in this stadium of my /our windsurfing life the tuffskin boards with the more freeride shapes are perfect and giving us a lot of windsurfing pleasure...


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