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Default Wood or D-Ram?

I would like to know the differenceS between a wood an a D-Ram?
I want to buy an s-type 115. Not a big one, and not for competition!
Feehling? Performances? I heard that the wood is more confortable when the water is not very flat...
Does somebody can give me more informations?
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Default RE: Wood or D-Ram?

Personally, last season I bought a Sonic 95 (wood, of course) and an Evo 83 D-RAM.
I must say the wood construction has an unique feel. It is light (maybe not the lightest) and one perceives a good stiffness when sailing, but it has the ability to damp vibrations due to chop and ripples. I guess that a good full carbon construction could be lighter and even a bit stiffer, but at an higher price and (probably) lesser durability. The idea to use a thicker material (wood) for the outer laminate, using geometric charcteristics instead of mechanical ones, seems to me indeed a good solution.
On the other side, D-RAM feels really tough (Dur-X) but a bit heavy in absolute. Good for wave or bump and jump, if you don't have pro requirements.
For an S-type, I'd go with wood.
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Default RE: Wood or D-Ram?

There are quite a few differences between wood and D-RAM. Wood looks better and it's lighter, but it also costs more. Both of these constructions are pretty strong - the d-ram is a bit stronger than wood when your mast chrashes into the nose of your board, but i find the wood to be stronger when you land a jump too flat or when you over-rotate a forward. But when it comes down to reparing the boards, D-ram is easier to repair in terms of looks, because you just spray on the paint. Matching the wood colour can be quite a difficult thing to do.
In the end, it all comes down to personal prefference - decide on what is important to you. If it was me, i'd pick wood.
As far as i know, with an s-type you CAN'T go wrong
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Default RE: Wood or D-Ram?

I've been happy with my DRAM iSonic 105, but I will admit riding Roger's Wood iS101 felt different. It felt more solid... much less vibration. It was a 4.8 day for me and the wood was much more solid. I'm still happy with my purchase, but I might choose a wood when I need to replace this one.
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Default RE: Wood or D-Ram?

I see that the difference between S-type 115 wood and D-RAM is just 0,5 kg. This means that, considering the usual +/_5% tolerance, there could even be overlap between the weights of the two versions. Therefore I have to change my advise. Ideally, I'd choose a wood. But if I could check weights of a few boards before purchasing, then a light D-RAM would be much interesting.
Probably in the end the real trade off is in money vs. that peculiar "vibration damping stiffness".
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