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Dave K
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Default Carve 171

Congratulations to Starboard! Finally someone made a super easy to ride, well balanced, all the hardware in the right place, first timer get in the straps - board. I ordered this board for my wife to sail and did not think too much about it. The reason I chose this board is that I was looking for a light weight, high volume board with one critical thing... Length greater than 250 cm! The 171 fit the criteria.

The day it arrived I thought, wow, this looks pretty good, I'll have to ride it! But I was in the middle of setting up for the Windsurfing Festival so I just put it on the rack. Finally 3 weeks later I got my chance.

First ride it was only blowing about 5 knots but we expected to get a thermal later in the day. I hopped on with a 6.9 freeride sail and immediately noticed that the board really floated me high and was super stable. After a couple of tacks and jybes I thought to try to put my feet in the straps. I was able to get my front foot in while slogging and maintain my point of sail easily! I tried to put the back foot in but this was more of a trick at my weight though I did get it in the rear strap but only on the opposite side.

Later, after sailing my formula kit, I went back on the 6.9 and was planning nicely. The forward inboard strap location was ideal for beginners. The board seemed pretty quick and I was even getting some nice launches off the chop.

Nice going guys!
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