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Default ST vs carve

Hi Ian,

I'm considering 2 boards either the ST115 or the carve 111 both 07 models, would like to know what are the main diff between these 2 boards.

The ST115 recommended relatively small sail @ 7,2 max ..what is the max sail size possible for this board?

How about in terms of handling in choppy conditions, upwind, speed, maneuverability and comfort between these boards?

would appreciate your inputs on this!

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New Member
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Default RE: ST vs carve

I have not been on a S-Type 2007, but I have the 115 2006 wood and before that then I was the lucky owner of a Carve 121. So this is my refrence. The carve is very forgivven board that dos every thing so easy. For sure much easyer boad to progress on, But the
S-Type is so much more fun in terms of speed and direct board responce. So if you are progressing from a larger boad and is beginning to learn to water start and jipe, then go for the carve. If you are looking for at high spped free racer that is demanding but fun to ride then the answer is S-Type. I hope you can use my answer...

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Ian Fox
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Default RE: ST vs carve

Hi Ken,

It's possible to run more (than 7.2m) sail on the ST115, it's the usual situation of how a "sweet spot" (or practical) limit is defined, and technically that also invoves rider weight (heavier riders will find the use of bigger sails "less sweet" earlier up the size range than lighter riders [ on the same oversize sail ] ) - also the sail type and ride style/tuning all play a part. in my experience (92kg) the ST115 is still really sweet with 7.0m but strating to feel overdone by 7.5m (race/free race sails).

Both the ST and Carve lines have sail sweet spot ranges that "size" lower than equivilent volumed iSonics (for example), which is a result of the more narrower tails and softer rail shapes, which contribute to the easy ride and moves character of the ST/Carve.

> choppy conditions : Not much in it, slight edge to Carve based on comfort (see below)

> upwind : Again it's close, decider could almost come down to fin and or strap stance (demi slalom vs freemove/SuperX)

> speed : Edge to ST here !

> maneuverability : Edge to Carve here, especially in "natural" ease of jibe. ST can be great, but requires more input concentration (not itself always a bad thing).

> comfort : Carve. it has the more comfortable and "safest" FEEL but reality is once you got the trust in the ST, it's also a very safe board to blast on you can go a LOT harder than you think and still not get bitten, just the Carve feels safer initially. Softness of ride also minor edge to Carve.

Hope that helps, let us know if you need more info !

Cheers ~ Ian
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