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Default how do they do it!?!?!?

I was just watching some clips of fomrula racing and was amazed on the state of the water around them. How are they able to hold down massive sails and metre wide boards in decent chop? Is there some kind of technique that allows them to do this??

My local spot has big chop on any day with north in the direction... and I am having a real difficulty with the chop. It just seems to drain my confidence when going at high speeds. I guess the best fix is just to sail miles and miles on control, and learn to take the knocks?

But with my hypersonic 111, I was wondering if there are any easier ways to deal with chop when going for the speed runs. I always feel very aukward going upwind or across the wind and hitting every single chop and feeling the bang, bang, bang. Should I be bending my knees and absorbing like you would skiing in moguls?

and as soon as I bear away, I keep thinking that the board is just going to nose dive because of its crazy short length. I guess really lifting up with the front foot would help? Or really getting low and get a lot of weight in the harness?

Anyone with wider board sailing in chop can answer. I can't afford a smaller board so I have to make due with the hyper 111 from 7.6 down to 5.8. I am thinking a kombat 87 would be a great addition... just need the money :-(

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you get balls as big as watermellons
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Practice, practice, balls and expensive specialized gear, and then again practice.
The top formula sailors are top athletes..... How can anyone survive twelve rounds of professional boxing, or bicycling +200 km a day for three weeks (okay that's the EPO part..)...
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