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Default What Isonic for a 92kg with 10.5 sail?

Hi guys!!!
I would like to know what Isonic could be the best solution for an heavyweight as me (92kg).
I'm looking for a pure slalom board to use mainly with a 10.5, sometimes with a 7.5.
....Isonic133 or Isonic 144....
...ps: at the garda lake someone said me about the new F2 145liters/85width....
where the top end speed in the 8/12 knots?
best regards
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I'm the same weight as you are. For floatation an iSonic 125 is big enough. If you want to use a 10.5 I would choose the 133. Especialy if you want to use the 7.5 as well. Think the 144 would get too big.

I sail my iSonic 125 with a 9.0 and a 7.7.
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Hi Henry67,

In your case, I will propose you the 133, but 144 will give you excellent results particulary in light wind with a 10,5mē but less with the 7,5mē.

Over 95 kgs for sure the 144, but it's not your case so 133. I recomand you the SL2 52cm

All the best
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