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Default O'neill Psycho II - good for WS?

Hi all, I wonder if this wetsuit that seems to be advertized as a surfing suit, can be good for windsurfing?
Thanks in advance,
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Its fine for windsurfing but putting it on and taking it off is a work out. Last time I put it on it was such a mission I was to tired to go surfing so I dont like it.
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Usually surfing wetsuits are mostly made with more stretchy comfortable dual lined neoprene, which absorbs and retains more water than "mesh" outer side neoprene. This results in more water carried by the suit, exposed to the wind and evaporating at the expenses of body warmth. Generally speaking, windsurfing suits made with larger sections of mesh material are more comfortable for windsurfing, while surfing suits with more double lined materials work better if one spends more time inside the water and not exposed to the wind.
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Hi Paul,

I currently use a O'neill Psycho II for windsurfing. geo is absolutely correct in that wetsuits for surfing tend to incorporate more fabric covered neoprene throughout, and as a result, they are more readily affected by wind evaporation. However, I've found them to be quite adequate if your activity level is up. It's only when you're taking a break and just standing or sitting around in the wind that they refrigerate more.

There are other issues to consider, and I'll run through them to give you some of the positives and negatives to keep in mind. In my community, there are many surf shops, but no windsurfing shops, so wetsuits for surfing are pretty much the only type readily available. Because they are so plentiful, it's easy to find the right size for a perfect fit. Also, surfing suits are available in a far greater array of sizes, and this is very meaningful if your physical features fall into the "hard to fit" category. In addition, the upper torso and arms of a surf suit are constructed in a way to facilitate the movements required for paddling. The newer stretchier neoprenes help greatly here, and they make it far easier getting in and out of the wetsuit, especially in the thicker models like 5/4s and 4/3s. Lastly, the fabric covered neoprene in surf suits is far more robust and it's much more resistent to abrasion and tearing.

Now, a few of the negatives. For surfing it's important to have fairly tight arms to preclude the entry of a lot of water while paddling. Some folks find a problem with this in the forearms, as windsurfing tends to puff up the muscles of the forearms as part of the action of holding on to the booms.

In surfing it's not nearly as important to have tight cuffs at the ankles, so the action of windsurfing, particularly using boards with the most outboard positioned straps, tends to allow the entry of more water at the ankles. This is fairly easy to prevent if one uses velcro straps. I use ones that originally came on Okespor booties.
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Mike T
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Hi Paul
Steve C is dead on with the Surf suits! I tried that suit on also and had a heck of a time just getting into it, then the real workout getting out of the suit. After talking with some local sailer I ordered a Promotion wet suit from the Gorge. I just sent them my measurement and they recommended the right size. Then they mailed it too me and if it did'nt fit right you just mail it back and they will get you fitted. I was very happy with the fit. Its designed by windsurfers for windsurfing, Lots of room in the arms so no more arm and hand cramping for me And the suit keeps me very warm when just standing in the wind due to the material they use All smooth skin. Just my 2 cents. Good luck. Mike T
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Default Pscho II

Well, I bought this suit to begin my windsurfing last spring. It is a great suit. I found it much easier to get on and off than any other suit I have used other than my N.P. 2 mm shortie. This fall I've used it in rather warm air temperatures (70 degrees F.) and as advertised it doesn't heat up like the previous 17 year old Body Glove I was wearing. I believe that you gain this advantage when you sacrifice that windchill effect. I didn't realize that it was a surfing suit in that I bought it from a Wind shop. However, a local surf shop was talking to me about wearing a 5mm/ 4 or 3 to survive surfing in the winter. This wouldn't make for good windsurfing. I have a North Race suit, 4.5/2.5, which works well because it's short sleeve. Lastly, the big advantage I have found with the O'neil would be how it flushes the water. I feel dry inside even when standing in the water. My other suits all have a cold flush before warming up which is not a very pleasant experience.
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