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Default Wave fin for futura?

First of all I wish a lot of wind for all in 2008!

I am using Kombat 79 (2007) with 3.5, 4.2, 5.0 and 5.8 sail and
Futura 101 (2008) with 6,0 and 7,5 sail. My waight is 85 kg.

When wind conditions are for sails around 5,8 there is Kombat 79 too small and I have to switch to Futura. I am not comfortable with 6,0 sail becouse sea is to choppy. Would be new wave fin around 30 apropriate solution for more soft feeling through rough waters with futura?
If so what tuttle wave fin you suggest?

Thank you!

Best Regards!
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A wave fin would loosen up the Futura "side to side" but you will loose some directional stability. Wether this will make the board softer depends on how you sail the board (and what you mean by softer). I tried my F101 with the old 30cm Wave TT fin from the original Aero 117. It certainly makes the board change character into something more maneuverable. I don't think that fin is available any more though.

One option many people seem to like for big Kombats and EVOs is the Wardog freeweed, http://www.surfingsports.com/trueames.asp

These are offset forwards relative the Tuttle base, which I think will be good to tune the Futura into something more maneuver oriented.
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