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Default Futura 111 vs 122

Questions for Kevin -

I am going to replace my '05 Carve 111 with a Futura, and am debating whether to go even wider than the Futura 111 and buy the 122.

While there are several published tests of the 122, I can find nothing on the 111, so perhaps the Team can help with 2 questions:

1. How close is the 111 to the 122 in performance, assuming a 7.0 freeeride sail and an 85 kg sailor? Can I assume that the test results will be very close, other than the differences created by the width?

2. The 2D photos on the website show a distinct difference in the location of the fin box, with the 111 having a box considerably closer to the tail, suggesting the the performance of the boards could be quite different. Is this an error with the image, and, if not, why is there a difference in the positioning and how does this affect performance?


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Default Futura 111 and fat guy

Can the futura 111 carry easely a guy whose weight is 94kg (average skill level).
Could I rise up easely sails (7.5 or 6.5) or is water start mandatory for a sailor of this weight.
thanks in advance.
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I used this weekend for the first time my futura 111 at my gusty inland lake.

weight: +95kg

I had before the s-type 115 (2005-2006-2007) and the Futura is much easier to balance on.
Okay sometimes I was standing till my knees underwater, but I could tack very easy and could uphaul my sail.

So waterstart is not mandatory, but it depends on your skilllevel.
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Thanks for your so quick reply.
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