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Default Isonic 96 or 101?

Hi Team,

Iíve been through earlier threads on the topic but feel I need some guidance in my specific case. Would be grateful for some assistance as Iím sitting here with my finger on the order button but still havenít boiled it down to a final decision.

Iím looking for a new iSonic to complement my iS 122 on which I go 9,0 and 7,5. Intend to use the 7,5 on the new board and then shift down to a 6,5, and in that way get a fairly rangy two board three sail combo. Beyond that and / or when the ocean gets really rough Iím on my K87 and smaller sail sizes.

Quite varying conditions where I sail, we get everything from super flat to ocean swells depending on spot and wind direction. Some spots I sail can get rather choppy. Iím 86 kgís, 6,2Ē and have fair technique, trim knowledge etc. Aiming to participate in local / national competitions this seasons.

I intend to use the board for general slalom / freerace sailing in the wind range 18-25 knots. Speed, controllability in chop and overpowered conditions, good upwind performance, comfy for long distance are all equally important desired features. I will not use the new board for pure downwind blasting only. I know this is much about compromising, but considering all of the above incl. current board quiver, what do you think would suit me best, a iS96 or 101? Will the iS 101 be able to handle fairly choppy conditions or am I better of with the iS96 there? What about upwind performance of the two?


/ Andy
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And up you go boy...
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Taty Frans
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go for the 101.. best upwind ability and sick handling, controlable, great in speed.

my favorite
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Hi Klint,

Pls refer to http://www.star-board.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3465 same topic and full details on both boards.

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