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Default iSonic 76 vs iSonic 86


I have a iSonic 101 (usually used on 7.3 slalom sail) and I'm looking for a smaller high wind slalom board (slalom sails 5.3 to 6.3).
I'm 1.75 for 68kg and racing since 8 years (slalom and formula). I also love long distance races. I sail both in choppy and flat waters.

Which board would you recommend ? iSonic 76 or 86 ?

I'd like to get advise from someone who has tried both.

Thanks in advance.

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I think Taty have ridden both of them (and is around your weight). I'll see if I can get ahold of him. Hold on...

(Personally I like my 76 A LOT and have it as a complement to the 101, but I have not tried the 86).
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mark h
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Hi Roby
I go from a iS111/7.8/9m to a iS76/6.8/5.8m and the combo works well, clear cut & no cross-over. I'v not tried the iS86 but have used a iS87 with both a 6.4 & 7.6m. The iS76 is 82 ltrs so its only 4 ltrs less (and slightly narrow) than the iS86. Not a big difference in size feeling for iS76 Vs iS87. I think!!! the iS76 has a totally different rocker shape C/W the iS86, and this is where the real difference between the iS76/86 lies, its better in rough sea's. iS76 wide tail will take fins upto 35cm so it does'nt have to be nukin it to ride it, yet plug in a 26/28cm fin and it can handle 40k winds as well.

p.s. I'm 105kg

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Christine (62 kg) from the french forum knows very well both iS76 & iS86. I'll get her advice for you. Stay tuned.

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Please find below a translation of Christine's reply:

There is only a few volume difference (4 L) between both hulls but each has her own character:

iS76 shines by her control in difficult conditions, amazingly flying over chop with ease. Ideal sails are 5.8 and 6.3 m2 with Deboichet SL2 30 cm fin.
iS86 is brillant too and shines by her control in gusts without flying away out of control. Slightly better upwind ability (SL2 32 or 30 cm fins). No worries as well, no matters how difficult the conditions can be.

iS86 is more comfy on flat water whereas iS76 requires a more sensitive trim with the back foot, i.e., not to let her roll on her longitudinal axis.

Both are brillant through jibing and when starting the planing. I think iS76 requires a bit more skills than iS86 but both are sweet indeed. It's not easy to have to make my mind between both if I had to pick one only as I ride both of them.
I'd pick up iS86 if I ride more often on flat water with 6.3 & 6.8 sails. I'll take iS76 if I ride mostly in difficult conditions with 6.3 and 5.8 or 5.4 m2 sails.
Anyway, both are extremely fun.

Jean-Marc (by way of Christine)

original reply:

"Entre les deux il y a peu de différence de volume (4l) mais plutôt une différence de tempérament:

La iS 76 brille par sa maîtrise lorsque le plan d'eau est difficile, elle survole l'ensemble avec une facilité déconcertante. Voiles idéales : 5.8 et 6.3 m2, aileron Deboichet 30 cm SL2 .
La iS 86 est excellente aussi, elle brille par son contrôle dans les grosses rafales: tu n'es jamais en passe de t'envoler avec. Le cap est un peu meilleur encore (ailerons SL2 32 ou 30 cm). Pas de souci non plus quelque soit le plan d'eau

La iS 86 est plus confortable sur le plat alors que la iS 76 demande sur le plat un pied arrière attentif pour garder une bonne assiette (petit roulis).

Les deux sont plus que parfaites au jibe, pour le départ au planing...
Je crois que la iS76 demande un peu plus de technique que la 86, mais les deux sont un régal. Choisir entre les deux n'est pas évident, je navigue régulièrement avec les deux.
Si je naviguais plus souvent sur du plat avec des voiles de 6.3 et 6.8 m2, je choisirais la 86. Si je naviguais plus souvent sur un plan d'eau difficile avec des voiles de 6.3 et 5.8 ou 5.4, je choisirais la 76.
De toute façon, le plaisir est au bout des deux!

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An here it Tatys response:

Hi Ola and all,

I have tried both boards 76 and 86.

I have the time to test both boards in same conditions 6.3 sails choppy conditions.

I weight 73kg..

And I like pretty much the pads of the 76 and the speed is great, it doesn't feel that small, but for me it would be a board that I can use in really high wind days.

As in gusty / windy days it won't be my board of choice..

The 86 is my board that I can use in high windy days plus in gusty wind..

I felt much comfortable sailing on the 86 then on the 76.

I also feel that the 86 is much all around board that can cover the same small sail on the 76 and even a bigger sail then the 76.

Even Gran Canaria when Kevin and I tested these two boards we felt the the 86 is much nicer in speed and much more controlable.

taty nb-9
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Taty Frans
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Hi Ola,

Thank you for posting for me,

I had problems login in but now had figure the problem out and I am back..hahahaha..

thank you again..

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