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Default Need more Info on Phantom 320

Perhaps someone can answer some questions I have about the Phantom 320. How much does one weigh? What is the shape of the bottom...is it flat or does it have some "V". Does it have concaves? How well does it do in chop or is it best for very flat water? Is it an easily driven hull or does it require being sailed "locked in" to get good performance. Is it reasonably effortless to keep trimmed or does it require lots of attention. Is it fin sensitive and will my Curtis weed fins work well in it? Is it best suited to straight line sailing or does it turn easily? Does it glide well and transition to a plane in steps or is it either pushing water or planing?
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Hopefully, Roger will jump in and give you the answers you seek. I have seen the 380 and picked it up, but didn't sail it. Boy is it heavy!!

Under products, boards on this web site, the 320's weight in Tufskin says 15.2 kg or 33.5 lbs. The wood will probably be a bit lighter, but overall, weight seems to be a bit high for a "race" board.

To be fair, I don't know what any of the race boards weigh these days, but I raced an Mistral Equipe II XR for several years back in the old days. They were bigger than the 380 and 320 in volume and a lot longer, but they were significantly lighter.

I guess I don't understand why these new race board don't weigh less unless there is a class rule establishing a minimum weight.

The designs look exciting, the concept is great, but they just happen to weigh a lot. The 320 is the same weight as the Large Start board. Doesn't make any sense to me.
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Hi Ken, and Thombiz,
I'd really love to "jump in" here, but I do not have any experience with the new 2008 Phantom 320.
I checked the website pretty carefully, and there are significant differences between the Phantom (not the race version) I had last year and the new 2008 Phantom 320.
I really enjoyed the Phantom last year and it became my "go to" board at most of the "A Taste of Windsurfing" events.
I now have the new 2008 Rio M and I like it really well, for the same purposes as I used the Phantom last year.
Since I have no experience with the new Phantom 320, I regretfully cannot comment.
I never comment directly about a board that I have not sailed.
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